Acetic acid

Acetic acid is a clear, colorless liquid that has a pungent odor and a dangerous bursting effect. Forms salts with metals – acetates. Melts at 16.75 ° C, boils at 117.9 ° C at normal pressure. Acetic acid is one of the basic products of industrial organic synthesis. More than 65% of world production of acetic acid goes to the manufacture of polymers, cellulose derivatives and vinyl acetate. Polyvinyl acetate is the basis of many primers and paints. Acetate fiber is made from cellulose acetate.


1) in the food industry (food additive E260) and household cooking, as well as in canning

2) to obtain medicinal and fragrant substances as a solvent (for example, in the production of acetylcellulose, acetone)

3) In the textile industry in dyeing and printing fabrics

4) in industry – oxidation of paraxylene by air oxygen to terephthalic acid

5) for the oxidation of various organic substances

Packing: tank (under the order), euro cubes (1050 kg), canisters of 10 l., 20 l.

Manufacturer: China, Britain, Turkey.


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