Calcium chloride

Chemical inorganic substance. Calcium salt of hydrochloric acid. Registered as a food additive E509.

White crystals with a density of 2.15 g / cm ³, melting point – 772 ° C. Has high hygroscopic properties.

Areas of application:

1) in the chemical laboratory, calcium chloride is used as a filler for drying tubes;

2) used to obtain metallic calcium;

3) at gas distribution stations, compressor stations of main gas pipelines;

4) at autogas filling compressor stations;

5) at gas production facilities during the preparation of gas for transportation;

6) in the softening of beef and lamb (reduction of costs for freezing, storage and loading);

7) in canning vegetables and fruits;

8) as a cement setting accelerator;

9) for dedusting of gravel roads;

10) as an anti-icing agent;

11) as a hardener in food (thickener to obtain low-calorie jellies);

12) in the dairy industry in the production of fermented dairy products, and plays an important role in the formation of the clot. The addition of calcium chloride leads to an increase in the yield of the final product, as well as improves its properties;

13) in medicine;

14) in the regulation of water hardness in the production of low-alcohol and soft drinks;

15) in the manufacture of bread (preservative);

when transporting frozen cargo by sea – to avoid freezing of water in the drainage system;

16) for the preparation of the silencing fluid during repairs on oil and gas wells.

Packing: bags of 25 kg.

Manufacturer: The Netherlands.


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