Сaustic soda (flakes)

Of all the industrial chemical products available on the market today, some are of particular importance due to their widespread use and the need for use in the economy. Caustic soda is also known as caustic soda, refers to such chemicals. Its wide use is due to the low cost of manufacture and ease of transportation.


1) production of pulp and paper industry;

2) manufacture of household and industrial detergents;

3) purification of oil-containing products;

4) manufacture of aerated concrete blocks;

5) manufacture of electrolytes of alkaline batteries;

6) neutralization of acids.

7) disinfection of premises;

8) flushing of sewers;

9) cleaning tiles and utensils;

10) cleaning of radiator batteries;

11) cleaning of latrine pits.

Packing: bags of 25 kg.

Manufacturer: Russia, China.


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