Chlorinated lime

Chlorinated lime is a technical mixture of calcium hypochlorite, calcium chloride and calcium hydroxide with variable water content. Conventionally, the mixture is described by the formula Ca (ClO) Cl, which shows the presence in the substance of its components – chloride and hypochlorite, against the mixture is a complex of salts, hydroxide and water of crystallization. Chlorinated lime is used much more widely than other hypochlorites (than, for example, sodium hypochlorite and its technical mixture of labarrack water), because it is cheaper, transported over long distances and stored for a long time (in a tightly closed container).

Chlorinated lime is used for:

1) bleaching of paper pulp, fabrics, etc .;

2) for water disinfection;

3) chlorinated lime solution is used for disinfection of livestock farms and poultry farms;

4) treatment of premises with chlorinated lime is carried out in order to prevent various dangerous diseases in animals and birds, such as foot and mouth disease, brucellosis, plague, tuberculosis, etc.

Packing: bags of 20 kg.

Manufacturer: Bulgaria.


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