HEDP acid

Oxyethylene diphosphonic acid (OEDP) is a known complexing agent and corrosion inhibitor. OEDP is a quaternary acid with acid-base properties. In the molecule there are, in fact, acid centers and hydroxyl groups. Forms stable complexes with Fe, Cu and Zn ions.


1) in the oil industry. As an example: in an oil preparation plant for refining, heat exchangers were cleaned after 10 days, and with the use of OEDP only after 4-5 months;

2) effective OEDP in descaling in hot water circulation systems;

3) in agriculture OEDF is used in the production of chelated fertilizers. It is also known that OEDP – growth regulator, with pronounced antiviral and antimicrobial action. Prevents the formation of scale in drip irrigation systems;

3) due to the ability to form complexes with calcium, slows down curing; construction mixtures based on cement and gypsum;

4) in the food industry it is used as a preservative and stabilizer of food fats;

5) can act as a substitute for Trilon B (interacts with hydroxylamine) in the process of making colored paper or in the development of photographs;

6) known methods of bleaching cellulose of different types in the paper industry using OEDP.

Packing: bags of 25 kg.

Manufacturer: China.


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