Phosphoric acid

Medium strength inorganic acid with the chemical formula H3PO4, which under standard conditions is a colorless hygroscopic crystals. Usually orthophosphoric (or just phosphoric) acid is called an 85 percent aqueous solution (colorless syrupy odorless liquid). Soluble in ethanol and other solvents.

In its pure form, phosphoric acid is a colorless crystalline substance with a melting point of 42.35 ° C. Crystallizes in monoclinic syngony.

Solid phosphoric acid is hygroscopic and spreads in air; it mixes with water in all proportions, but is commercially available in three concentrations:

75% H3PO4 (mp -20 ° C);

80% H3PO4 (m.p. 0 ° C);

85% H3PO4 (m.p. 20 ° C).

From 85% phosphoric acid can be obtained dry by evaporating water in vacuum at 80 ° C. From concentrated solutions, it precipitates as hemihydrate H3PO4 · 0,5H2O


1) In the aviation industry orthophosphoric acid is used in the hydraulic fluid NGZh-5U and its foreign counterparts

2) In the food industry is registered as a food additive E338. It is used as an acidity regulator in carbonated beverages, such as Coca-Cola. The taste of sweetened weak aqueous solutions of orthophosphoric acid resembles gooseberries.

3) In agriculture. In animal husbandry (especially in the cultivation of mink) use watering with a solution of orthophosphoric acid to prevent high pH of the stomach and urolithiasis.

4) In dentistry it is used for treatment (removal of the oiled layer) of enamel and dentin before filling teeth.

5) It is also used in hydroponic systems to adjust the pH of the nutrient solution.

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