Sodium citrate

Sodium citric acid HO – C (CH2COONa) 2COONa (Latin Natrii citras) is the sodium salt of citric acid. Sodium citrate has a moderately salty-sour taste. For this feature of citrates of alkaline and alkaline earth elements (such as citrates of sodium and calcium), they are known as “acid salts”. Sodium citrate is used mainly as a spice (seasoning), which gives a special taste, or as a preservative (food additive E331).

Areas of application:

1) Sodium citrate is included as a flavoring in carbonated beverages.

2) Sodium citrate is part of many drinks with the taste of lemon or lime, as well as part of energy drinks such as Red Bull, Jaguar and Bullit.

3) Citrate can be used as a component of a buffer solution that prevents changes in pH.

4) Sodium citrate is used to control the acidity of some dishes, such as gelatin desserts.

5) Sodium citrate is used to regulate acidity in coffee machines.

6) Sodium citrate appears when many “fast-dissolving drugs”, such as “Alka-Seltzer”, are dissolved in water.

7) Sodium citrate is used to reduce discomfort in urogenital infections such as cystitis, it reduces acidity in peripheral renal acidosis, and is also used as a regulator of osmosis (laxative).

8) Sodium citrate in the form of a solution is one of the components of the medium for thawing the sperm of animals during artificial insemination.

9) Sodium citrate in the form of a 5% solution is used in determining the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes by the Panchenkov method.

10) Sodium citrate is used in analytical chemistry as a component in the determination of ammonium ions.

11) Sodium citrate in the form of a 4% solution is used in the hardware delivery of blood components to donors as an anticoagulant.

12) Used as a reagent for the synthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles in the form of colloidal solutions.

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