Sulfamiс acid

Sulfamic acid is an organic compound. Synonyms of the name: sulfamic acid, aminosulfonic acid, amidosulfonic acid, amidosulfuric acid, sulfuric acid monoamide. The reagent is a small white or light gray crystalline powder. Odorless, water soluble. Soluble in acetone, diethyl ether, methanol. Burns very poorly, decomposes when heated to +260 ° C.

The acid actively reacts with various organic and inorganic substances. Interaction with metals, their oxides, carbonates and hydroxides leads to the formation of salts – sulfamates.


1) In the chemical industry, raw materials for organic synthesis; for the production of herbicides; detergents, cleaners, disinfectants; antinakipin. In the synthesis of aromatic diazo compounds – to remove excess nitric acid.

2) In the oil industry: to clean, restore, increase the productivity of wells.

3) For dissolution of hard-to-remove salt deposits and corrosion products of equipment, pipelines, tanks at thermal power plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper industry, in utility networks, ship installations, in heat exchange equipment for various purposes.

4) For cleaning dishes and utensils at catering establishments; for disinfection of equipment in the food industry.

5) In the textile industry – for the manufacture of fabrics with high fire resistance.

6) It is a part of electrolytes, means for nickel plating, is used for digestion of food tin.

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Manufacturer: China and Russia.


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